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4th week//APRIL

"Doves make you look badass."- Jenko, 21 Jump Street

TO MAKE (May): These black beans from Veggie Chick have become a weekly staple. Spoon some over tacos, use as filler for enchiladas, or add to taco bowls. I make them in the pressure cooker, but 4 hours on high in the slow cooker is all it takes. They taste SO much better than the canned stuff.

TO WEAR (Caroline): To say that I am bonkers about neck scarves is an understatement. They've become almost like a security blanket for me these days. I've been on the hunt for some inexpensive ones, and in the midst of rediscovering my love for Old Navy I found these bad boys. Throw them on with your romper of choice and proceed to kill it.

TO READ (May): I found this to be a helpful article in regaining privacy online. I already use an ad-blocker, but didn’t know you could take things a step further with a free plugin called Ghostery. Finally, something that eliminates those creepy ads that pop up after you’ve browsed for something online.

TO READ (Caroline): My delightful mother-in-law bought us this fabulous cookbook, Run Fast. Eat Slow. It's written by a two endurance runners. Every recipe is designed to be optimal fuel and extremely delicious. Every meal is also either vegan or gluten-free (if you're into that kind of thing). It's gotten me so amped on eating for efficiency we've started #operationbodyfortress at our house. We will become super humans.

TO WEAR (May): I have a penchant for all things tortoiseshell (the synthetic version, that is). It’s classic, neutral, and goes with everything. Well, except other tortoiseshell accessories. I’m currently loving these tortoiseshell hoops. They’re lightweight, have a minimalist feel, and best of all, super affordable.

TO USE (Caroline): I know I know I know. This looks like a just a normal pen, but the Pilot G2 Gel .38 is not just a pen. But I am TELLING YOU this pen is amazing. I've recommended it to friends in the past, and they've all come back to me just as obsessed. It makes you feel like you're a god of penmanship.

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