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4th week // SEPTEMBER

TO READ (May): The linen clad couple featured in this house tour is the epitome of GOALS. After living on the West Coast for most of their lives, they settled down and opened a shop in Maine. Read on and oogle all the pictures of their gorgeous shop and home (she has a vintage egg collection!) here.

TO LISTEN (Caroline): If you’re a fan of Van Morrison, Leon Bridges, or any fun, retro, melodic wedding music, then you need to listen to St. Paul and the Broken Bones. This white boy has pipes that would make Sam Cooke jealous. They’re (get ready) what we all hoped the Alabama Shakes would be. They have three albums including one that just came out this month for you to do some carefree kitchen dancing to.

TO MAKE (May): Quick poll: do you have all purpose flour, yeast, and salt in your pantry? Then give this no-knead sandwich bread a try. You mix all the ingredients (takes 1 minute) and let it rise at room temp for about 5 hours, then pop it into the fridge for a 12-18 hour nap. Bake half of it for 30 minutes. Then avoid burning yourself while cutting it because you are impatient and hungry and wanted hot bread as part of breakfast. The other half can sit in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Side note: I used all-purpose instead of the mixture of bread flour and it still turned out great. Some commenters noted that the volume of salt is too high; if you are salty-food averse, pare back to 1tbsp for the full recipe.

TO READ (Caroline): And then to read: I love a good horror movie- not the unnecessarily gory ones like Saw, but the creative, well thought out ones where good triumphs over the menacing evil- like It or A Quiet Place. This love of horror movies has me wanting to start reading some horror books, and I’ve found this list of the top 50 horror books for me to jump into. It’s mostly the tried and true with some new classics thrown in. I’ll likely be starting with Peter Straub’s Ghost Story.

TO SHOP (May): Madewell is one of my and Caroline’s perennial favorite stores for that “oh this? I just threw it together” look. And YOU GUYS, THEY HAVE MENS CLOTHING NOW. Their collection is limited to jeans, tees and sneaks but I like where it’s headed. I am already eyeing these and these for my husband.

TO COVERUP (Caroline): This undereye concealer is the last undereye concealer you will ever have to buy. And you will likely only have to buy one bottle for your entire life because a little goes A LONG way- I’m talking the tiniest spec for both eyes. The first time I used it, I used a little too much, and my husband said, “Why does your face look so different?” But go easy on it and you will look like you just had the best beauty rest of your life.

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