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4th week // OCTOBER

This week's newsletter is inspired by a new feature on everyone's favorite app. Did you know Instagram now shows you how much time you're spending (or wasting) on the app? It also allows you to set a reminder to tell you when you've spent long enough on the app. Go to the menu icon in your profile to check it out.

But with that in mind we want to help you spend your Instagram time on quality content so we're bringing you our favorite accounts to follow!

TO FOLLOW (May): I love everything about @anyeske’s account’s aesthetic. She’s the art director for Lou and Grey and has a page full of clean, minimalist posts. This follow will at once make you want to book a trip to Italy and also transform your wardrobe with white gauzy linen, midi dresses and unironic hats.

TO FOLLOW (Caroline): I don’t usually support lusting after a stranger’s portrayal of their “life” on social media, but I make a special exception for Jillian Lukiwski, aka @thenoisyplume. Are things staged? Yes. Do I care? No. She takes “lifestyle photography” to a whole new rustic, wildernessy, sweaty level. She makes awesome turquoise jewelry, hunts birds, gardens everything, and wears the perfect outfit for each one.

TO FOLLOW (May): If you’re in the market for design inspiration that is a mixture of eclectic/vintage/modern, follow @jennykomenda. She has fantastic DIYs, her photography is stunning and most of her sources are at affordable price points.

TO FOLLOW (Caroline): I’m a total fangirl of @heatherday. She’s an abstract artist living in San Francisco with her musician boyfriend. Her work is some of the most inspirational to me. The bold colors and textures she uses are the stuff of dreams, and they’re inspired by her love of travel and the outdoors.

TO FOLLOW: When I was researching flowers for my wedding, I came across @thewhitehorseflower for major floral inspiration. Her arrangements look effortless (but surely aren’t), and are so beautiful. Check out the story about her wreath workshop for some major holiday wreath inspiration.

TO FOLLOW (Caroline): Have I mentioned how much I love the Great British Bake Off? Well, I do- and its youngest contestant coincidentally has one of my favorite Instagram accounts. In addition to being effortlessly adorable @marthacollison can baaaaake. She has a recipe blog with ambitious and accessible bakes and has a couple of cookbooks!

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