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4th week // NOVEMBER

Until the week of Christmas Sorry and You're Welcome is giving you our best recommendations for what to give the special people in your life! Each week we'll be looking for a different recipient, and this week's newsletter is all about what to get your BFF (or maybe with what you should treat yourself). Each gift is under $50 and guaranteed to put you up there with Leslie Knope as the greatest gift givers of all time.

TO GIFT (May): For your Lacroix-obsessed friend with a budding gallery wall, may I suggest this brightly colored watercolor print. Add on an inexpensive ikea frame or some washi tape and you are set! (Caroline's note: I've already picked out a place for this in my house. Hint hint.)

TO GIFT (Caroline): I am a huge fan of this brand of lip salve. And let me clarify: this stuff isn’t just for lips. I keep a tin of it in all my bags to smear on cuticles, dry elbows, even my ankles. They all smell more sophisticated than your middle school Lipsmackers. Every time I whip one out somebody asks me what smells so good. Plus, the little tins are beautifully designed. Because, let’s be honest, we like things to look pretty.

TO GIFT (May): For your friend who loves to host but never has enough drinking glasses on hand, this set of glassware is minimal but versatile. They come in 3 different sizes depending on your gifter’s preference. The 17.25 holds a pint of beer and are what we use everyday (for water and such). While in London, we came across the 7.5oz used as wine glasses at many a fine establishment. Tres chic. Gift it with a bottle of red from Trader Joe’s (the Monte Ducay is $5.99 and will NOT let you down).

TO GIFT (Caroline): Beautiful coffee table books are something I rarely think to buy myself but always find myself thumbing through them in other people’s houses and thinking “I should get more of these.” They’re decorative, and the really good ones serve a purpose- like this one of handy skills by Vanessa Murray. There’s bound to be a good one directed toward your bestie’s interests or, thanks to Ina Garten, most cookbooks are also going toward this big, photo-centric format.

TO GIFT (May): For your friend with a penchant for flair, these enamel pins by Rifle Paper are quirky and cute. I have one of the floral pins and love the touch of color it adds to a jean jacket.

TO GIFT (Caroline): If you’re trying to shop small, a great place to start is your cousin’s/sister’s/old roommate’s jewelry making business. If you can find something good, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone: supporting one friend by getting a truly unique gift for another friend, all while keeping money away from the Amazon monster. A classic win/win/win. For instance, here is my friend’s sister-in-law’s jewelry line that is legitimately amazing.

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