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4th week//May

TO MARINADE (May): Grill season is here in our neck of the woods, and we couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t attempted a yogurt marinade yet, let me tell you. Mouth-wateringly juicy chicken is a mere three-ish ingredients away. Best of all, this recipe template is endlessly adaptable. We’ve marinated for as little as 30 minutes or even overnight, and the results are just as good. Our preference is chicken thighs, but you can live your truth and go with whatever cut you prefer.

TO LISTEN (Caroline): Confession- EDM is my guilty pleasure. It’s what gets me through gym time and late drives. But when I can’t it anymore Jake Isaac is one of the artists I turn to to break me out of my EDM prison. He’s fun, melodic, and dancy without being techno-driven. It sounds like if Idris Elba made classy pop music. Here is one of my favorites of his.

TO ROSE ALL DAY (May): I’m no wine connoisseur. I only read a quarter of Wine. All the Time and I still choose bottles based on a label’s design. And yet, I have some strong opinions about Rose. Some are too watery, too dry, or utterly lacking in flavor. While on vacation last week, we stumbled upon this boxed Rose. Listen. We do have standards around here. But we could not pass up on the fact that 1) It cost $16 for 4 bottles (3 liters!) worth, and 2) The kind people at Walmart said we could return it if it was gross. So we tried it. It’s crisp, a tinge dry, and so refreshing. Give it a swig. It just might ruin you for all future Rose.

TO MUNCH (Caroline): Las Cruces just got a Sprouts Farmer’s Market, and it has become my new hang out spot. And I’ve become one of those dreaded people that sneaks tastes out of the bulk section. But one of the gems I've found is the salt and vinegar almonds. If you love salt and vinegar chips, these are a slightly healthier version. (And they don’t make your tongue burn!) If you can’t find them at your grocery store, here’s a quick recipe!

TO WEAR (May): Everyone’s got super strong opinions about mascara. I for one, need all the help I can get with my short and stubby lashes. I’ve tried all the fancy brands, but this one is still one of the best I’ve tried. It lasts all day, comes in a waterproof formula, and gives fake-eyelash-level volume and length. To maximize its fullest potential, apply one coat as you normally would, then do a second coat on top of the lash, rotating the brush wand as you apply (like this).

TO SAVE (Caroline): I’m a not-so-secret lover of Big Lots. They always seem to have the most random stuff I didn’t know I needed- like a Target that's kind of over it and not really trying anymore. But here is my pro tip: they have 15 packs of La Croix for $5. I’m not sure what that averages out to compared to Sam’s or Costco, but if you don’t have room for their giant 36 packs in your house, then this is a convenient, cheap alternative to keep up our most innocent vice.

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