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4th week // JUNE

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

TO DRINK (May): Did you buy the boxed rosé from a few weeks back? No? Well, I’m back with another installment of “Low Brow Rosé with May”. Listen. TJ’s introduced their canned rosé last summer and couldn’t keep it in stock. This year they’re back with BIGGER CANS, people. These 375mL cans are $2.99 each*, contain 2 glasses worth and are your ticket to a riveting summer evening. I’m not sneaking these into a movie theater, you are.

*Prices may vary depending on state laws and other mumbo jumbo. Very sorry Ohio, it’s $3.99/can for you.

TO CRUNCH (Caroline): Unlike May, I tragically don’t live near a TJ’s. The closest one is in Albuquerque, and I’m so sad all the time. Thankfully, we are able to follow the TJ’s beacon to cities with the greatest grocery store often. I have gotten pretty good at nabbing my go-to items. One of which is TJ’s Whole Grain Crispbread. If you’re looking for a combo of bread and cracker this is it! It’s nutty, herby crunchy and wonderful. Put some cheese and drink some of the aformentioned canned rose, and you’ll be in snack heaven. (There's also now a gluten free version!)

TO BUY (May): As someone that was born with the sparsest of eyebrows, I decided at some point in the last year to overcome this item of makeup that has long beguiled me. Tired of looking at Jennifer Connelly- level brows and longing for the same, I casually entered my local Sephora in the hopes that some kind saleswoman would help a sister out. Turns out that for the uninitiated, this pencil from Sephora works wonders. Per the Sephora lady, start near the inside of the brow using short, light strokes. The spooly brush at the opposite end is excellent for smoothing out any dark splotches. Fair warning: I once nestled into the sleeve of my husband’s oxford during an embrace and a little bit of the brow pencil came off on his shirt. Avoid weird eyebrow streaks and get the accompanying brow gel here.

TO SWEAT (Caroline): I’ve been recovering from an injury for the past year which has kept me from running. I’ve had to turn to pumping it up at the gym to stay (somewhat) in shape. I searched everywhere for some help with my gym-literacy, and I found Whitney Simmons’ youtube channel. She has video after video of effective gym workouts that you can recreate without looking like a total noob. I did this workout last week, and I walked funny for a couple days.

TO MAKE (May): Did you give the greek yogurt marinade a try? No? Well, let me entice you with another that is super easy. You’re likely to have nearly all the ingredients in your pantry. If you don’t have soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar on hand at all times, you are missing out on the holy trinity of the Chinese seasoning world. Highly recommend this for boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Aim to let it marinate for at least 4 hours for optimal results. Get the asian marinade recipe here.

TO READ (Caroline): If any of you are an illustration junkie (is it just me?) then you should take a look at Flow magazine. They are usually at Barnes and Noble. It’s a lifestyle magazine centered on creative outlets, and it’s crazy cute. They usually have little free paper goodies in them as well! Also, make sure you get the English version because it's a Dutch magazine.

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