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4th week // AUGUST

TO BUY (May) : When was the last time you replaced your pillows? I purchased these on a whim at Costco and they DID NOT disappoint. My husband and I awoke after the first night’s rest and could not get over how they improved our quality of sleep by 1000%. I know pillow selection is a subjective and highly personal experience and you may not think these are great, but they’re $19.99 for two memory foam, “cooling” and from Costco, so you could use them for years and return them if you hate them.

TO WATCH (Caroline): My first trimester of pregnancy (!!!) has left me basically bed-ridden with nausea, so I’ve become a TV binging machine. As your official TV czar, let me assure you of my authority on all things streaming. With that said, I’m going to add my voice to all the people who have recommended “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon to you. It’s a hour long show about a 50’s housewife who decides to become a standup comic. It comes from the creator of Gilmore Girls, so it has the delightful, Sorkin-esque dialogue, but it is a subject that has more mass-appeal (and by that, I mean more dudes will like it). Be warned- there is a lot of language and occasional above-the-belt nudity, but it would barely register with a Game of Thrones audience.

TO MAKE (May) : You are 20 minutes away from the most delicious red enchilada sauce. It’s simple, delicious, and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry. I usually use homemade stock, but subbed a Trader Joe’s bouillon packet in a pinch last week and it still turned out great. Assemble a shredded rotisserie chicken, tortillas, some refried or black beans and cheese, and you have a weeknight meal that makes great leftovers.

TO BACK-TO-SCHOOL (Caroline): This gorgeous planner from Start Planner is not messing around. I love the way the pages are organized- there’s a spot for everything in your day as well as little “bullet journal” type checklists. Even if you’re not a student, if you’re an analogue planning person (or aspiring superhuman) this planner is an amazing option. There’s a daily and weekly layout option, but both have all the extras and overviews. I can totally see it getting filled in with this handy stamp set from Everyday Explorers.

TO READ (May): After logging more overtime hours at my desk than I’d like to admit, I am feeling the aches in so many places. Perhaps it was no coincidence that NPR aired this segment (that also appeared in my Instagram feed) extolling the virtues of learning how to sit properly. Read/listen here for more. I’m now on a quest to make my desk more ergonomically friendly and less of a death trap that shaves minutes off my life.

TO BAKE (Caroline): My husband and I have become obsessed with making eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce. We make giant biscuits from scratch and wilt some kale with loads of garlic to make an anytime brunch extravaganza. The problem has always been properly poaching the egg. I found this article from Brit & Co. on how to do it perfectly in the oven EVERY TIME.

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