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3rd week // OCTOBER

TO BUY (May): Did I purchase this because of a celebrity endorsement in the Times? Yes. Was it an impulse buy? Yes. But this Jao spray made using essential oils has turned out to be such a pleasant use of $10 that I’d buy it all over again. Jao (my husband and I call it the “Jao”, like it’s some ancient crystal with healing properties) is a hand sanitizer, armpit refresher, and dignity restorer after a 9-hour flight.

TO AUTUMN (Caroline): Hopefully, most of you are now experiencing the cooler weather of everyone’s favorite season. I struggle when it comes to decorating seasonally for fear of things looking cheesy, but I love the look of real eucalyptus wreaths this time of year. Here is a handy DIY for a wreath that you can make as simply or as outrageous as you want.

TO READ (May): Aside from this being a general delight to read each week, perhaps you have revolutionized the way you sit because of this article from a weeks back. If you enjoyed that article, then read this! Today’s modern seating options are not designed with our spines in mind. Read on about what types of chairs to look for and one thing that will make for a happier spine when driving.

TO BAKE (Caroline): Some women crave chocolate- I crave creme brûlée. So much so that my family got me creme brûlée ramekins and a culinary torch last year for Christmas so I could make my own. My husband has used this recipe for years, and I’ve been so surprised by how easy it is. If you don’t have a culinary torch to brown the sugar, just put them in the oven on broil and watch until they caramelize.

TO MAKE (May): This Green Lentil Soup with Curried Brown Butter is on regular rotation all year long. It’s inexpensive, relatively quick, and full of flavor. Pro-tip: use a whisk to dislodge the browned butter bits from your pan. You want every bit of that buttery goodness. Also, out of laziness I’ve stopped topping the soup with the curried brown butter mixture. Unless you want a fancy garnish, the soup will be just fine if you mix it all in at once.

TO BUY (Caroline): If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I think I need some warmer boots that can work for rain and light snow,” may I recommend these bad boys? I have an earlier version which have served me especially well in all kinds on conditions, but I love the sleeker profile of these. And may I propose these as a suitable option for the fellas?

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