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3rd week // NOVEMBER

Starting this week we're giving you our undisputed, can't fail gift guides for the holidays. Each week we'll be selecting a particular recipient (or groups of recipients) to get your gift juices flowing. (Almost) everything we show you will also be under $50! First up is our picks for the dads in your life (or husband or boyfriend or brother or friend)!

TO GIFT (May): During his presidency, Obama had his staffers hand-select 10 letters for him to read each day that were most representative of America’s collective mindset. This book is a compilation of the inspiring stories and outcomes lifted from those pages. There’s everything from the elementary student named Kenny who asked Obama for help with his spelling homework to the retiree desperate to save a young man from deportation. Give the gift of warm fuzzies (and other big emotions) with this book!

TO GIFT (Caroline): These slippers are the perfect solution to the dilemma “my socks get filthy if I only wear them around the house, my slippers get stinky if I wear them without socks, but it’s too warm to wear socks and slippers” that I’m sure you’re all familiar with. My dad practically lived in his for years, and they never wore out. Just toss them in the wash like you would a regular pair of sock when they start to get stale. Bonus idea: they also make them for women.

TO GIFT (May): For dads young and old alike, give them some updated footwear. These faux-leather sneakers are versatile enough to be worn with shorts or with dark jeans.

TO GIFT (Caroline): You’ve seen what bad condition your dad’s/brother’s/husband’s dopp kit is in. Replace his toothpaste, beard hair-covered one with something like this one. For fun you could also fill it with cheap travel-size items from the travel section at Target: shampoo, dental floss, contact solution, shaving cream- stuff he will definitely use.

TO GIFT (May): I know this is a scoche out of budget at $79, BUT hear me out. This was the hit of Christmas last year. My husband had casually mentioned that he’d like a record player, but I was thinking it was out of the question budget-wise until I came across this one. The sound quality is excellent and it’s a nice entry-level piece of equipment for someone that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. Bonus: now you will always have a gift idea for every holiday… more records! Pick up a few records from a thrift store to help get his collection started.

TO GIFT (Caroline): For the dad who is the self-proclaimed “grill master,” or if you’d like to not-so-subtly inspire him to be, this is a full kit of everything and more he could need in one case. If he’s more picky about his grillware, you could start buying him the fancy tools piecemeal like this each Christmas/birthday until he is the supreme pitmaster of his dreams.