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3rd week // JULY

TO TRY (May): I took Caroline’s rec from a few weeks ago and did Whitney Simmons’ leg workout. The strength + HIIT was no joke! Turns out that her instagram account is also full of easy to follow workouts. I gave this arm workout a go and was thrilled that it only took about 15 minutes. Her take on biceps makes arm curls a little less boring.

TO USE (Caroline): I’ve always had to use waterproof mascara to keep from getting the not-so-lovely black speckling around my eyes. But the problem was finding makeup remover with the magic combo of cheap/effective/gentle. The best solution? Target’s $1.99, travel-size, baby oil. Put a little on your finger tips before washing your face, (no cotton ball or cotton pad required) and gently rub it on your eyelashes till the mascara melts. Voila!

TO MAKE (May): It’s been a new year’s resolution of mine to get in touch with my roots and make more Chinese food. Not to mention, there are no trustworthy Chinese takeout places anywhere near us. If you too are in a Chinese takeout/food desert, this recipe should satisfy all your Beef and Broccoli cravings. Here’s a recipe that tastes like it should, and without any preservatives. If the idea of blanching broccoli is annoying, you can use frozen broccoli. Put the frozen broccoli in a bowl, cover with water and microwave until no longer frozen (about 1 minute). Drain and use as normal.

TO Binge (Caroline): Hear me out here. I’ve been suspicious about iZombie because 1) the CW network is not known for quality content, and 2) a show about zombies seems gimmicky. But I know television, and this is a freakin well-written show. Imagine the banter and mystery of NCIS with the ongoing plot of Breaking Bad. Don’t believe me? Check out the rotten tomatoes rating. There’s four seasons ready to que up on Netflix now for your summer guilty (or maybe proud?) pleasure.

TO TRY (May): I have been a devotee to Nars Orgasm blush for years. But I wanted something that was quick and easy, and would make me look like a dewy goddess after emerging from a mid-afternoon spin class. Enter this blush stick in bellini (how cute!). It doubles as a lip and eye tint too!

To BREW (via request from Melissa): Temps are skyrocketing, and making hot coffee in the morning just feels wrong. Here’s an easy way to make some cold brew at home overnight. And here’s my personal hot tip: use an old, thin t-shirt as a filter if you don’t have a cheesecloth or a giant filter.

BONUS: remember this necklace from one of our first issues? It’s now on sale! Get you one! Pro tip: stop by your local store and order from there for free shipping.

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