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2nd week // NOVEMBER

Next week is Thanksgiving, or as we like to call it, food Super Bowl. So as you're planning your day of turkey domination let us help you out with this week's recipe-a-palooza. The following are our official recommendations to help you impress everyone at your Thanksgiving gathering.

TO MAKE (May): These cloverleaf rolls are buttery, soft, and make an excellent vehicle for butter, gravy, or any combination thereof. You can make the dough the day before and let it rise in the fridge. It is a very active dough, so I recommend keeping it in a dutch oven or something with a weighted lid. Then the morning that you’d like to make, allow it to come to room temperature (about 1.5-2 hours), then form the rolls and allow them to rise.

TO BREAKFAST: (Caroline): The morning of Thanksgiving can be tricky. When should we eat? How much should we eat? WHAT should we eat? I’m a big fan of a one-dish meal like this baked oatmeal to strategically prep for a day of stuffing oneself. It’s filling without weighing you down- perfect to start eating around 9am. And it’s fairly customizable- substitute apples for the apricots or walnuts for almonds, etc. This is also a great thing to offer to make if you are a guest at someone’s house for Thanksgiving.

TO MAKE (May0: Perhaps you have a go-to roasted brussels sprouts recipe, but you may want to consult this one. Nearly 3,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong. A quick sear in a hot cast iron followed by a trip to the oven yields deliciously crisp sprouts that I cannot help but sneak bites of, despite the risk of burning my mouth. Get the recipe here (in case there is a paywall, try this link instead).

TO DRINK (Caroline): If you’re like my husband and actually know what you’re talking about when it comes to wine, then this article will be helpful when picking out wine for your rich, bountiful turkey-fest. Or if you’re more in a cocktail mood, this botanical spiced pear and bourbon cocktail is UNBELIEVABLE and worth the extra work to make the pear purée. I didn’t make my own bitters, and I found a cheap bottle of ginger liqueur- or you can make your own by soaking ginger and orange zest in brandy for a couple of days.

TO BAKE (May): Let’s talk pie. Now, there’s no judgment if you go with a pre-made crust. Just remember to take it out of the freezer in time for you to bake! If you’re going the from-scratch route, this is an easy-to-follow pie tutorial and recipe. And from my comment-reading recon, a helpful tip: place a baking sheet inside the oven while it preheats. Then, line the sheet with a piece of parchment paper and bake the pie directly on the baking sheet. Doing so helps the pie retain heat and will avoid the dreaded soggy bottom crust. Wanting even more info on how to achieve a flawless bake? Read up on how to parbake your crust. And when you’re ready to give your pie-baking skills a whirl, give this apple pie recipe a try. (Caroline note: since May introduced me to this recipe, it has never failed to deliver easy, flaky crust for any kind of pie- 10/10.)

TO MAKE (Caroline): Does anyone else consistently fail at making gravy? Every time I’ve been charged with making it, I’ve turned it into a chunky, watery mess. Well, Martha Stewart to the rescue. Here is a post which promises five options for “easy gravy recipes.” The white wine and bourbon gravy promises to be a boozy crowd pleaser. Side note: Martha Stewart’s website is also a treasure trove for any holiday inquiry.

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