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Special Mother's Day Gift Guide Edition!

In this very special edition of Sorry and You're Welcome we are doing a last-minute gift guide for Mother's Day! Everything here is under $80, and personally tested by the authors to be awesome. (And obviously none of these are sponsored, but if you tryna' give us money we will take it.)

For your mom TO USE (May): When staying with some dear friends last summer, I’d always notice this crisp, fresh floral scent whenever I was in their bathroom. I would crane my neck all around, feverishly sniffing to no avail. After a few days passed, I had the bright idea to ask my host about the perfumey smell I kept encountering. Lo and behold, the scent that eluded me was emanating from a small pink bar of soap. Gift the bar that is the epitome of spring here. Or, give your momma the new perfume version here.

For your mom TO WEAR (Caroline): My mom is terrified of the sun. Something about wrinkles and skin cancer? I wouldn’t know. I’m going to live forever. But if your mom is worried about things like that, then this amazing raffia hat is a fun and floppy gift. I got it for my mom last year, and she wears it everyday to walk her dog. Now she is the cutest dog walker on her culdesac.

For your mom TO WEAR (May): After spending a few beach vacations getting thrashed around in the ocean waves, losing both my top and my cool, I embarked on a search for a rashguard that didn’t make me look like a Blue Crush wannabe. Enter this line of SPF50 resort/swim/pool wear. I’m giving this rashguard a whirl (sign up for their newsletter for 15% off your order and free shipping!). Give the gift of cuteness with matching suits like Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna.

For your mom TO SHOW OFF (Caroline): If you haven’t heard of Society 6, then you’ve been missing out on one of the best gift resources ever. Thousands of artists have uploaded their fun and quirky designs and this company puts them on EVERYTHING. It’s the best way to find gifts personalized to the obsessions of your gift recipient. For example: if your mom is obsessed with her yorkie, just search “yorkie” on society 6 and a million cute things with yorkies will pop up like this great phone case.

For you TO SEND (May): Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet one for those that are longing to be mothers, or for those that have recently lost a mom. Show a sister-friend some love and send this plucky yet compassionate card. Bonus points if it actually comes with an order of pizza!

For your mom TO ENJOY (Caroline): My mother is going through this Marie Kondo-psycho-purging stage of life and throwing out everything (including all of my hard-won softball trophies- I’m not bitter). For the minimal mom this is a “thing” she will not likely throw out in just a couple of weeks. Bird houses are cute, decorative, and they live outside, so it won’t feel like extra clutter for your mom to dust. For a little extra something you could add a book of local birds, so she can ID some new feathery friends.

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