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2nd week // JUNE

This week's newsletter is all about Dad! We've got some clever ideas for gifts for dads of all ages!

TO GIVE: For your baby-daddy who finds reading movie synopses more satisfying than watching them: These Vans slip-ons are cool without trying too hard. The blue and navy colorway go with just about everything. Extra bonus points for pulling together an effortless summer outfit with chinos, a short sleeve button down, and these kicks.

TO GIVE: For the dad who has already read every Tom Clancy novel: Acts of Faith is a great novel about rouge UN workers in South Sudan. Philip Caputo is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who started writing novels later in life. This book is told intentionally to be almost a narrative form of Ecclesiates, and there's loads of fighting, guns, and descriptions of planes, so you know most dads will love it.

TO GIVE: For the dad that wears athletic tube socks regardless of the footwear: no-show smartwool socks that will keep his feet smelling fresh as a daisy (well, close).

TO GIVE: For the dad who’s daughter is broke and lives far away: these shortbread cookies are cheap, easy to ship, and delicious. This recipe is for lavender, but are endlessly customizable. You can substitute lavender for lemon or pecans or rosemary or whatever! Send them with a card telling him they’re only to be eaten after dinner.

TO GIVE: For your dad that “doesn’t want anything”, but likes a glass of bourbon every now and then: spherical ice cube molds that add a touch of class without watering down his drink.

TO MIX: For the friend missing her dad: offer to shake up this fruity and spicy cocktail, called Trouble in Paradise, to toast a dad not with us. (You can sub any kind of bitters for the Campari.) Drink while watching golf and grilling chicken for the full effect.

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