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2nd week// DECEMBER

Until the week of Christmas Sorry and You're Welcome is giving you our best recommendations for what to give the special people in your life! Each week we'll be looking for a different recipient, and this week's newsletter is all about what to get your niece or nephew! Each gift is under $50, and no, we are not getting paid for any of these recommendations. But feel free to give us money if you want!

TO GIVE (May): Your free-thinking creative niece or nephew needs this darling shadow puppet kit. There are 8 puppets on wooden sticks as well as a storytelling guide to help families come up with some killer bedtime stories. Flashlight not included, but would be a great add-on for this gift!

TO GIVE (Caroline): For your effortlessly chic, Parisian niece this soft kitty is a perfect new friend. She’s got enough pink to make any little girl fall in love at first sight and enough style to inspire any adults’ #ootd. (Bonus: They make more versions of her to outfit her whole squad.)

TO GIVE (May): Your compassionate and tender-hearted niece: this is one of my favorite children’s books (coming from someone that is not a parent… I just like that it teaches emotional intelligence in an engaging and colorful way). Teach your niece what it means to be shy, afraid, joyful and marvel over the colorful illustrations.

TO GIVE (May): For your nephew or niece who is beginning to sprout some teeth and explore the world this chewable toy is guaranteed to be their new favorite. Because they can grab it from anywhere and chew on it from any angle babies are said to be obsessed with it. And the price tag makes it the best stocking stuffer they will get this year. Bonus idea: A slightly more elegant, more expensive teether that’s supposed to be equally addictive is Sophia la Girafe

TO GIVE (May): Let’s be real… sometimes gifts for your niece or nephew are really for your brother or sister to enjoy. How about this adorable print of SLOTHS. DOING YOGA. Perfect for boy or girl alike, it’ll expose them to some basic yoga moves and jazz up their room in the process.

TO GIVE (Caroline): This one goes slightly above the $50 mark, but let me tell you- boy, girl, 6 or 16 this camera WILL be their favorite gift. If you don’t believe me, read some of the reviews that echo the same thing. Physical pictures are such a fun novelty to kids these days. And they will have a blast taking pictures of their friends and family they can later use to decorate their desk/locker/room.

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