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2nd week // AUGUST

TO STYLE (May): Me trying to blow dry my hair with a round brush looks a lot like one of the “before” scenes of an infomercial. Enter this hot brush. Ten-ish minutes and a a few passes through slightly damp or dry hair makes you look like you just had a salon-quality blowout. The stylist in this tutorial puts in about 50% more effort than me (I forgo the clips), but you get the gist of how to use it.

TO WATCH (Caroline): This might be the most obvious recommendation, but go watch the first episode of Making It right this second. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman host this crafting competition show that’s the visual equivalent of a butterfly tickling a unicorn. It’s the same format as The Great British Baking Show, including the delightful combo of low-drama and high-creativity. Let it fill the hole that Parks and Rec has left in our lives.

TO BREW (May): As soon as the temps started to spike in St. Louis, the morning coffee routine got a bit of a jolt. The stovetop americano has been a go-to of summer, and we have no signs of slowing. We’ve also been getting our espresso beans from a most unlikely of places: Ikea! Their espresso beans are affordable and surprisingly good for the $3.99 price tag.

TO OOGlE (Caroline): I’ve always loved the look of rustic stoneware and ceramics. I’m always looking for unique, handmade pottery online, and this week I ran across an Israeli Etsy store called FreeFolding Ceramics. Her style is clean and simple, but still whimsical. The pricetag is a bit high, but let it serve to inspire your future houseware purchases.

TO BAKE (May): I read about this adorable little (literally, little… it’s 7”x7”) cookbook a while back, and have since gone through two renewal cycles at the library. There are darling illustrations and stories to go with each recipe, and the cakes are downright delicious. The coffee cake with streusel recipe is pretty easy to follow and makes for the most luxurious breakfast/snack/late night treat.

TO SHOP (Caroline): I’ve talked with a lot of my friends about the popular app Poshmark, and the common refrain I hear is, “It’s too overwhelming.” And I agree- trying to “just shop” on the app is a lot. Type in “blue sweater” and you’ll be buried under 1,000 listings. So here is Caroline’s guide to the easiest way to use Poshmark: Have you ever been on the hunt for a particular clothing item only to find it’s sold out in your size or altogether? This is when Poshmark comes in clutch. Type in the brand and name of the item, and you can usually find it for less than you would have originally. And what about selling? My observation is don’t waste your time unless you’re selling a really desirable brand in an “average” size.

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