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2nd week // APRIL

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

WELCOME TO SORRY AND YOU'RE WELCOME, an online, weekly newsletter where we (Caroline Clark and May Prince) share our unsolicited recommendations for the world.

TO EAT (May):

TJ's everything bagel seasoning sprinkled on half an avocado. Eat with tiny spoon, feel mildly self-righteous for how creative and healthy you are. Other recommended uses: sprinkled atop wilted greens and eggs, or use to finish off a freshly dressed salad. Basically every vegetable ever will be made better by this seasoning blend. Fun fact: my mother-in-law first discovered this years ago at her favorite local bagel shop. The owners packaged up leftover seasoning that didn't stick to their everything bagels, and sold it at a discount to customers. How clever is that??

TO LISTEN TO (Caroline):

Starbucks has several really well curated playlists on Spotify, but the best is Paris Magnifique. It has a bunch of acoustic, classic, and quirky French songs that make you feel like you're riding a bike with baguettes in the basket.

TO WEAR (May):

This necklace from Anthropologie. My husband has a thing for chunky necklaces. I have a thing for chunky necklaces. This is a win-win. It has some heft to it, so I pretend I'm wearing a very fancy medal for being super stylish and having great taste.

TO EXPLORE (Caroline):

Jordan Peterson. This guy has been blowing up the internet with his take on the political correctness of the time. Say what you might about him- he's got spunk.

TO READ (May):

The "letter to the editor" section of the Wall Street Journal. It is full of amazing commentary from people that are generally smarter than me. I'm basically really into reading the newspaper right now, so pick up a copy and remember the old days of pouring over newsprint. Bonus: it comes with coupons and quippy commentary on trends happening in the world. For instance, just yesterday there was an entire article devoted to the intricate and complex world of naming computer viruses.

TO READ (Caroline):

How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds by Alan Jacobs. In the world of practical philosophy, this book is the eqivalent to a new Beyoncé album. It's quite grounded and well worth the short about of time it takes to fly through this book.