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1st week // SEPTEMBER

TO TRY (May): I had to recently break the news to my husband that his au-natural deodorant had failed him. There seem to be lots on the market these days, but a knowledgeable sales lady pointed me in the direction of this stuff. The vanilla-lemon scent is fresh but not overpowering, and it seems pretty effective so far. Caveat: I think natural deodorant and complete odor elimination are an incongruence that some people just need to learn to accept. If you cannot stand the smell of yourself, an anti-microbial wipe can remove your odor-causing bacteria and give your armpits a reset.

TO TRY (Caroline): Hear me out. For years I’ve heard here and there about women who shave their face. Apparently, there are innumerable amounts of reasons besides unwanted facial hair, but I was sold on it by my 72-year-old aunt who has the dewey, flawless skin of a 15-year-old. She told me she has shaved her face everyday since she was a teenager. I finally tried it, and it looks/feels phenomenal. This helpful article outlines the hows and whys with all the needed instruction.

TO WATCH (and READ) (May): To my delight, there is so much love for Crazy Rich Asians right now. It’s the first all-Asian Hollywood movie in 25 years, and grossed $35 million in its opening weekend. I implore you to go see it! And if you were a bit confused by the dynamics in the pivotal mahjong scene, read this article. Then listen to the soundtrack here and relive all the joy from the movie.

TO DOWNLOAD (Caroline): #notanad There’s this handy little app I downloaded in January to try to slowly save some money. It’s called Digit, and it works like this: you sync your checking account to the app and slowly puts money in a separate savings account based on your spending. For instance, if you spend $100 in a day it will only put $1 into the account; if you spend $7 in a day it will put $20 into an account. And you can cap how much money it can put into the account per day. Anyway, in eight months we’ve painlessly saved $2000. Blam-o.

TO MAKE (May): Caroline shared her go-to herby pizza dough a while back, but here’s another to add to your weekly pizza night arsenal. It’s Jim Lahey’s no-knead pizza dough, which has ruined me for the store-bought kind. Get the recipe here (the entire recipe makes 1 med-large pizza). After you mix the ingredients, you want it to have an 18-24 hour rest, so plan ahead! Now imagine this: your pizza stone is preheating in your oven. How are you going to get your pizza onto the stone? Parchment paper! Using a piece the size of your stone, lightly grease the paper with olive oil, then build your pizza from there. When you’re ready, slide the pizza, paper and all, on and off the stone using a rimless baking sheet as your peel.

TO WATCH (Caroline): Again, your streaming czar is here with a certified recommendation. The Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is simply delightful. If you need some sunshine that gives you hope for humanity, que up this flick. It will solidify Fred Rogers in your heart as an American treasure (right next to Dolly Parton and Sour Patch Straws).

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