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1st week // NOVEMBER

TO BUY (May): Caroline introduced me to these cuticle nippers years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Despite every beauty magazine warning you not to trim your cuticles, do! It’s oddly cathartic and makes your manicure look better. I like to use the dull side of the blade to nudge the cuticle away from the nail bed a bit; it makes for a longer manicure since you can get more polish onto the nail. Bonus link: here's the perfect shade of deep reddish-purple that will garner you tons of compliments.

TO DECORATE (Caroline): If you were to ask me, “Caroline, what trend are you all about these days?” I would definitely say, “I am 100% here for woven baskets on walls.” It’s inexpensive and, when done well, can work with many looks. Though here in the southwest it feels particularly at home. I got mine from Hobby Lobby, but I rounded up a couple other inexpensive places to get some here and here.

TO READ (May): This is a great read for anyone that has tried to bribe a tiny human into doing something. It’s interesting to consider that countless studies have proven the ineffectiveness of extrinsic motivation. “Psychologists often distinguish between intrinsic motivation (wanting to do something for its own sake) and extrinsic motivation (for example, doing something in order to snag a goody). The first is the best predictor of high-quality achievement, and it can actually be undermined by the second. Moreover, when you promise people a reward, they often perform more poorly as a result.”

TO READ (Caroline): If you’ve been hearing about the incredible health benefits of celery or celery juice recently, there may be more to the story. Here is an article from the Atlantic that calls the sudden trend into question. Not that eating celery is bad by any means. It is certainly healthier than the handfuls of Pringles I've been eating a s a snack. It just might not be worth the $6.50 some grocery stores are asking for it. Does this make anyone else think of this Portlandia bit?

TO WATCH (May): Perhaps you have not yet had the pleasure of watching Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix. Samin Nosrat (Award-winning chef, cookbook author, NYT Food columnist) gleefully explains the nuances of these four essentials of cooking. The cinematography is gorgeous, she is an utter delight to watch, and it makes you want to be a better cook. If that’s not enough, one online review called it a “joyous, flavorful escape”. Queue it up here and check out her website full of recipes from the show here. Bonus content if you are fangirling over Samin: her Beauty Uniform on CupofJo will make you love her even more. She dishes on her life-changing anti-chafe thigh spray (say that 10 times fast) and reveals the long process of learning how to tame her curly mane.

TO SEND: (Shameless self-promotion!) Want a cute, personalized Christmas card to send out this year? There’s still time to hit me (Editor’s note: Caroline, not May. You do NOT want May drawing your beloved family) up for a custom, illustrated card! It’s super easy- I’ll draw it up with your whole family (and pets!) and email you a file for you to print just as you want (or as inexpensively as you want). Email for rates if you’re interested!

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