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1st week//JUNE

TO MAKE (May): To Make: At last, ‘tis the season of al fresco dining! Here’s a sneaky idea: plan a picnic in the park. Invite friends. Make this cold peanut noodle salad. While dining, empathize with friends that brought sad deli sandwiches (you once knew that sad sandwich life pre-noodle salad discovery, after all). Offer noodles to friends because you are nice like that. Throw deli sandwiches in trash while friends are not looking. Finish noodles. Enjoy picnic.

TO WATCH (Caroline): I’m not a good baker at all. I try so hard, but it usually ends in me giving the chunky/runny/salty results to a bunch of college kids. But because I love baking I’m obviously in love with The Great British Baking Show. And if you’ve watched that, then Netfilx has probably recommended the Great British Baking Show Master Class. I’m here to say that if you’re a baker you’ll pick up some great tips from this adorable show. Also the weird mother/son, fisty relationship between Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry just warms my little heart.

To Drink: This elderflower tonic water makes all other tonic waters seem basic. Like, pumpkin spice latte, leggings and ugg boots basic. On its own, it tastes a little bit like grapefruit soda, but it lends itself well to all kind of cocktails. Elevate that G&T with a 4-pack (no risk of it going flat!). Sidenote: Total Wine also carries this, in case you can’t find it at your local Terget.

TO MAKE (Caroline): I’m a sucker for a fluffy pizza crust. Thin and crispy is good and all, but I love a real doughy pie. My husband and I love to make pizza at home, but the “make at home” doughs from the store are never as chewy as I want. I finally found this really easy recipe online for a delicious, wonderful, pizza crust that we both love and is crazy customizable. Bon appetit!

TO BOOKMARK: Did you know Priceline discontinued their “Name Your Price” feature for rental cars? Long my go-to for inexpensive car rental bookings, I turned to the internet for any money-saving trick I could find. Enter AutoSlash, a quick and easy rental car search engine. You input all the necessary details and it will find you the best rate available. The site will continue to track for any price drops leading up to your reservation date. We originally booked at a decent price for our beach vacation, but got a notification the day prior and were able to save 20% off with a competitor! Read more about how it works here.

TO WEAR (Caroline): If you’ve seen me in the last year, I’ve probably been wearing some version of this. The shapeless romper is the over-sized t-shirt for adult women. It does a charming job of hiding the ten pounds I’ve gained since getting married, and it’s so nice and breezy for the hot, hot New Mexican sun. Get ready to never want to take it off.

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