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1st week // DECEMBER

Until the week of Christmas Sorry and You're Welcome is giving you our best recommendations for what to give the special people in your life! Each week we'll be looking for a different recipient, and this week's newsletter is all about what to get your mom! Each gift is under $50, and no, we are not getting paid for any of these recommendations. But feel free to give us money if you want!

TO GIFT (May): For your mom that is into a more minimalist vibe in the kitchen, gift this ceramic egg crate. Making eggs or baking cakes will be a delight as she channels her inner Rachel Ray (does anyone remember 30-minute meals and how all the produce/groceries were styled so beautifully in her fridge?). This also doubles as a catch-all or jewelry holder for earrings, bracelets, and the like.

TO GIFT (Caroline): If your mom is like mine, she might settling into her comfy, retired life and be in need of a little extra motivation to go to the gym these days. I did a ton of research to find the best quality bluetooth headphones for the lowest price and these consistently were a winner. You can also make her some workout out playlists to go with them! (You’ll also probably get lots of quality time explaining how to work all the above.)

TO GIFT (May): For the mom (of any age, really) that is mildly concerned about skincare, get her a tin of this AMAZING moisturizer. A few months ago, I was lamenting the end of my La Mer moisturizer sample and scheming of ways to get my hands on it while we were in Europe (consider it very wishful thinking). According to the interwebs, Nivea Creme has virtually all the same ingredients, sans fermented seaweed. And at a mere $1/oz (compared to $170/oz), it’s quite a drastic savings. I picked up a tin at a french drugstore and have not looked back. The creme is very thick, not overly perfumed, and luxuriously hydrating. Splotchy dry patches be gone! You can get a small tin for $1 at Target if you want a lil stocking stuffer, or get the full size for $10 here.

TO GIFT (Caroline): If your mom has lots of throw pillows and dish towels with puns about wine and alcohol, then maybe she’d like this wine vacuum sealer for the rare occasions that she doesn’t finish her bottle. It also comes with two reusable corks. For moms that are fans of red wine, you can add this aerator and still keep it all under $50.

TO GIFT (May): For your mom that has been wearing the same jewelry she’s had since the 80s, gift these David Yurman-esque studs. I got these as a birthday gift and love that they go with just about everything. They’re not so heavy that they’ll weigh down your ears, and the silver plating won’t turn your ears green like so much costume jewelry out there. Bonus: you can customize the stone color in case your mom is into a certain color or birthstone.

TO GIFT (Caroline): For moms and families that are a little more high-class than mine and would not find Cards Against Humanity funny, Relative Insanity is a great option. It was developed by Jeff Foxworthy, so you know that it won’t offend grandma and grandpa, and it’ll make everyone laugh. And mom will love it because it will guarantee quality, screen-free, family time!

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