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1st week // AUGUST

TO DRINK: What can I say about the Pendennis club? Don’t be off put by the pink lemonade hue; this drink has more liquor than juice, and two of them can make your head spin (in a positive, boozy way). Our favorite cocktail bar in St. Louis may have given us the recipe, which we surely wouldn’t publish… but follow this recipe and (ahem, cough cough) replace the lime with lemon.

TO LISTEN: The band Sleepwalkers came out with a crazy good album FOUR YEARS AGO that got zero attention called Greenwood Shade which sounds like modern, stripped-down, Elton John. I only found out about it because Ryan Adams recommended it on his Instagram, but it was worthy of so much acclaim. But now our second chance to jump on the bandwagon is coming! They’ve dropped two new singles recently to hype up their new album dropping soon. Their new stuff is ripe for radio play and goes down so smooth.

TO MAKE: Let me echo the chorus of home cooks that espouse the benefits of homemade salad dressing. It tastes better, AND you’re likely to eat more salad because of its innate deliciousness. This carrot-ginger dressing comes together in a few minutes and is the perfect accompaniment to those avocados that are about to turn. Side note: this was originally featured on GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestlye blog (before she started hawking stem cell neck creams) who also recommends you use this as a dip for an elevated veggie tray.

TO PLAY: My brother-in-law (who, apparently, is the source for most of my recommendations) introduced us to a board game last week called “Bob Ross: The Art of Chill”. This is a deceptively complicated game where you try to beat Bob by completing paintings before him with the paint and tools you’ve drawn. It’s hysterical and ridiculous and requires a surprising amount of strategy.

TO BUY: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale has begun! For the uninitiated: newly released items are specially discounted up to 30% off for a limited time. This underwear is insanely comfortable, doesn’t bunch up or give you weird panty lines. Get a pair or 3 here. Side note: do not follow in the footsteps of a lazy person like me and rip the tags off. Gingerly cut the little paper tag off, lest you risk ripping a small hole in them. And fear not, male readers. These briefs are also on sale (regs $20/pair), and are the result of one reviewer’s search for “the best men’s underwear in the world.”

TO BLEND: A few weeks ago I told you about the cookbook Eat Slow, Run Fast. I’m back with my pick for the most “tried and true” recipe from that book for you to try! Their Can’t Beet Me Smoothie is what is constantly being blended in our house. It’s crazy filling, full of anti-inflammatory goodies, inexpensive, and you can make most of it ahead of time- just put half a beet, half a banana, half cup blueberries, and a little bit of ginger in a plastic bag in your freezer, and add the liquid ingredients when you’re ready to blend!

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