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Hey! I'm Caroline Clark. Thank you for visiting my site and checking out my work. 

I'm an artist and writer currently living in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I'm originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and lived most recently in St. Louis, Missouri. I have a bachelor's degree in music business from MTSU and a Masters in Divinity from Covenant Seminary, but art has always been the thing to which I keep coming back. I began this business primarily as a way to get out my art wiggles. I create everything either digitally or with acrylic paint depending on the subject matter. All of the cards and prints are printed locally in Las Cruces by my friends at Del Valle Printing and Imaging.

You may notice a southwestern theme to some of my work, and I want to say that it's not just because the southwest is "having a moment right now" in the trend world. It's also because I believe in seeking the welfare of the city you're in, and right now, for me, that is Las Cruces, New Mexico. A large part of what I want to do with my work is to build Las Cruces's pride and identity as a city. It's a wonderful, sweet place with so much to love, and I hope that is reflected in my work.

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